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Pleasures and Days

In between sips of wine, I got into conversation with Parisian local Jean-Michel, who loves coming to Montmartre each weekend. Just go, and get lost.

Proust's dearest pleasures

Taking his advice, I put down my emptied wine glass, headed to the nearest small alleyway, and got lost. Entrance into the cemetery is free, and you will find a complimentary map. I chose to take my time, and strolled through this quiet and peaceful part of the neighborhood admiring the old and ancient tombstones.

I then paid homage to the theatrical side of Montmartre not at the Moulin Rouge, but by visiting the oldest can-can dance theater in Paris—the Elysees Montmartre Theatre. Draped with vegetation, the derelict building sits in the shadow of the iconic red windmill that is the Moulin Rouge. Les Deux Moulins is a lovely little bistro on Rue Lepic and the perfect spot to engage in one of the favorite pass-times of the French: People-watching.

I parked myself at a sidewalk table and watched, as the activities of Montmartre played out in front of me. I struggle with the decluttering idea, because i think if i stop using social media i will dissapear as a musician. Just a thought: you can try time blocking specific hours during the week when you will deal with your music-career social media.

Delhiwale: Eating lost time

In I studied the actual ROI on this platform and shut down the account. My music plays did not decrease…. Because I was not distracted- and was able to create! My Advice? Agree with Scott. It has networking features like social media, and find it more constructive use of time staying directly on the platform I used to share to social media.

To add to this, a couple years ago I corresponded with a successful professional songwriter. She had the exact same experience. Her need to cultivate her online persona sapped her creative production. Putting that aside to focus on actually writing better songs changed everything. A friend of mine who is a professional comedian told me a similar story. He was a blue checked Twitter personality, but realized that he had never booked anything through Twitter. Every break had come from someone seeing him perform and liking what he saw. Most people who try this strategy end up, after not to long, replacing it with the 0-minute rule once they encounter the reality of what value social media actually delivers.

I strongly disagree with any advice to quite social media for good if you are an emerging artist. I quit social media for 2 years in I really aprecciate all your comments. Thanks again! In the early s, I participated in a weekly Saturday morning conference call with a group of 4 friends. The idea was to discuss self-improvement in all areas of life: professional, health, relationships, and so on. The League lasted for several years before the calls petered out.

Since then, one of the participants has died, and another disappeared to China. Without the detox, I doubt that I would have thought to restart the call…Saturday mornings were previously filled with mindless Twitter activity. The joys of deep, non-urgent conversation are profound…but easily lost when we can default to a quick social media connection instead. Glad you got back in touch! These stories are amazing and inspiring. Could you elaborate on how that happens?

Do you get more ideas for side projects which lead to income? I want to thank you again Dr. Cal, your book has changed how I use digital tools, esp social media. Along with your tips in Deep work, I am now much more productive, I have so much more time and energy to pursue my other interest, I no longer look for distractions when I bored, I no longer have anxiety, I cannot begin the describe the mental clarity I have now, thank you! The connection between ubiquitous screens and anxiety is massively important and under-discussed.

We all just shrug our shoulders and assume the background hum of unease is normal. This is very interesting. Forced, down-your-throat ads popping up on youtube and smartphones sure make it easier to give up screens, part in protest, part in disgust, part in reevaluating priorities in life. I guess they will have to get used to it. I lived just fine without all the electronic crap in the s, back when BMX brought me more joy than Pac-Man. You dont. Best vacation ever. Had planned on 5 days but husband needed very major fixes so it turned into 2 weeks.

We parked on the USA side and walked over. Left our phones in the car. We believe it was due to not looking at the news constantly and checking these d… phones. I admire those that have gotten too far down the rabbit hole and are able to back out.

A Magazine of Literature and the Arts

I do have a phone, a flip phone. It can call and text alpha-numeric and take rudimentary pictures. It might be a solution for those who want to stay in touch but want to stop their smart phone habit. Many years ago I discovered that being a volunteer helping other people prevented any thought of boredom on my part. In fact.

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Volunteering has enriched my life in many ways. It has made me more aware of the problems and needs of others less fortunate than I am and made me focus on things other than myself. The knowledge that I have picked up by listening to others is priceless. I also spend more time with my family and my dogs and am getting more exercise.

Sometimes I am tempted by social media and all its temptations but I am mostly uncluttere. Thank you. He explains just how toxic these companies are. Learning about how they use your data and manipulate you psychologically might motivate you to turn them off or reduce usage. Absolutely recommended. This book is what finally got me off Facebook and to be much more deliberate about my instagram posting, following and connections.

The article is necessary today, and I wish more people give it a try. The problem is, I feel so isolated. Kind of feels sad, how pulling the plug makes me feel good but also so bad.

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I removed FB on my phone yesterday so I was always at a blank after sending messages. Thanks a lot! Glad to have read this article. I am fortunate enough to be able to telework for the last year. As soon as I finish, the personal computer comes on. Social media is not an issue because I refuse to be such a public person, however seriously addicted to games and surfing news and then television until bedtime.

I have a room full of supplies and materials for my used to be hobbies that I never seem to have time for.

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Looks like my boomer-age parents were right about me being on my screen too much. What about digital detoxing in terms of reading the news? For me, the news is often the first thing I check when waking up, and I typically spend hours on my phone and computer reading. I would really appreciate any advice on this. Another method could be to read the paper version of a newspaper, but only on weekends.

The Pleasures Juicy Jacuzzy

Loved Deep Work and have recommended it to many people. I am stunned each time by how people resonate with this and are hungry for this. It may be covered in the book but I wonder if anyone can advise me: I am really struggling with how much time I spend watching Netflix. It used to be once or twice a week. Now it is every night for a couple of hours and I feel like my creative time is just draining away.

Guide Lost Time and Other Pleasures

And then at lunchtime, I often watch YouTube videos whilst I eat. These are informative and work-related but nevertheless — I just seem to watch the screen all the time. What Cal would recommend, I think, is a 30 day period in which you abstain from all digital distractions The Digital Declutter. That includes streaming services, like YouTube and Netflix. This period is a reset for your habits and only after the declutter is over you can think about re-introducing certain digital services into your life.

What you have to do during the declutter is fill the time you usually spend watching a screen with other activities. Mostly, you have to think about why you are using these services in the first place and what you want to do instead. I highly recommend the Digital Minimalism book as a lot of other topics, like the importance of solitude, are explained as well. Working 9 hours a day, 6 days a week gives real hard time to follow music.

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Great to read through comments too. Such an important topic that I feel will headline mental health in a few years! I love reading these comments. How can someone contact you with a question? Mine is: Do you conduct any learning programs about the concepts in your non-academia-books, and if not, do you mind if someone uses what you describe to create or integrate some of your material?

I always like to ask permission but it is hard if there is no email address. How to survive with out using screens on daily life? The reality is we are now living on digital world. Using an internet is part of our daily lives. Balancing our time is the top priority to full-fill everything on time. Your email address will not be published. I'm a computer science professor who writes about the intersection of digital technology and culture.